Thank you for registering for the Pasture Dash 10k race. Though we've done our best to prepare, details are subject to change by the race directors if needed.

Please consult the map at the bottom of this page as you read through the following race day details.


Limited parking is available along the brewery's LANEWAY where race volunteers will help vehicle organization. Additional parking is available on Reidsville Road where we ask that you park on the side of the road that is closest to the town of Ayr (right side if coming from Wrigley Road).

BIB PICK-UP (8:30-9:30am)

Once parked, make your way down the brewery's LANEWAY towards the TENT where race volunteers will check you in and supply you with your race bib, safety pins, and race mementos.

Port-a-potties will be available for all your pre and post race needs.


Follow the directional signs to our Start/Finish. A call to the line for runners will be sounded at 9:50am (3 horn blasts) with another call at 9:55am (2 horn blasts). The race will then be counted down and begin at 10:00am (1 horn blast).

You'll be able to get away with road shoes fine, but trail shoes may provide better traction (especially if it rains).

Feel free to check out the course prior to the start, as is often customary at cross country races.

The route consists of a
2.5km loop that runners will complete 4 times in the same direction. Runners must stay within the bounds of all defined laneways. These will be marked by yellow and black ribbon. Failing to follow the race route as laid out will result in automatic disqualification.

As you run along Reidsville Road and approach the brewery's laneway, you'll notice a division of running lanes as the route cuts back on itself before returning to the finish. These lanes will be separated by ribbon and give you the chance to see just how close your competitors are ~ no pressure :)

Water will be available for you near the Start/Finish to refill your own bottle. This is a cupless race. No other nutrition will be provided.


Join us in the TENT for raffles and awards by noon-ish and be sure to shimmy over to the Pasture Bar inside the tent with your race bib to pick up a can of our special issue Pasture Dash Lager (must be legal drinking age) earned it! Additional food and drink will be available for purchase ~ that Willibald pizza...mwhaa!


This is a fun community event designed to bring together friends for a good ol' time in support of KidSport KW. We appreciate you bringing all the positive vibes to the countryside (ahem, cow costumes?). Please be supportive and respectful of each other and our venue.

If you have any questions prior to or during race day, please feel free to contact either race director: Jay (jay @ or Christopher (christopher @