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Our programs are rooted in our on-going science-based education and are reflective of our combined experience.  We are committed to maintaining a low athlete-to-coach ratio in order to provide the quality that we'd expect from our own coaches.

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One-on-one coaching

Designed for the individual athlete who would like the personalized benefit of continuous contact with a coach.  Programming is delivered ahead of each successive week via Final Surge.  Athletes have the opportunity for continuous and on-going text or email communication and video-based conversation as requested or required.

$140 CAD per month for Canadian athletes

Race specific programs

A largely self-directed experience connected to selected races.  Programming is delivered via a PDF package that includes a 16-week training calendar, scheduled supportive strength workouts with video demos, race day considerations, and a 30-minute consultation call.  More information below!

$140 CAD per training package

Sulphur Springs 100M Training Package

One of our favourite local races in southern Ontario is going all in to achieve Western States qualification status ~ and what a response from runners!  Over 200 athletes have already registered for the 2024 edition of the Sulphur Springs 100M race.  

With the goal to support that dream status, the Hustle & Flow Coaching Company designed a training plan that is specific to the race distance and terrain demands of your Dundas Valley trails.

Prior experience at the 50M/100k distances or a 100-mile finish will be helpful before engaging with this program.  At least 4-6 weeks of 50-60K per week of running will also be beneficial for beginning this program.

The 22-page Sulphur Springs 100M Training Package includes...

Feel free to reach out to christopher @ if you have any questions.